DecWallet and Payment Platform

Send and Receive Fiat and Cryptocurrency

A complete solution for sending and receive fiat and cryptocurrency between industry professionals and their clients/customers. Buy and deposit in more than 100+ cryptocurrentcy wallets, send invoices and even use service vouchers with DecWallet and Payment Platform.


We are currency transaction experts in the blockchain industry

Our team started in the blockchain technology industry in 2013. We have played an instrumental part in helping professionals adopt the most efficient practices for tokenization in the industry, and now we are helping them into the decentralized age. Let DecWallet help you take the next step into sending, receiving and earning cryptocurrency in your industry.



Years of Experience with Blockchain Transactions

How we serve our customers

With white gloves. Do you need help entering or mastering the new decentralized age of commerce and growing your business? We're here to help.

Digital Wallet

The DecWallet is the complete solution for buying fiat and cryptocurrency to use for paying invoices and vouchers. Receive currency for your services and manage each currency type in multiple digital wallets, for free.

Money Transfer

Transferring any type of global fiat or cryptocurrency has never been easier, faster and cheaper than is is now. Create your DecWallet and start transferring fiat or cryptocurrency today!

Email Invoicing

Use your DecWallet(s) as an extension of your existing accounting system by connecting to our platform with your own encrypted API connections, or use our customizable invoicing system.

Cash Out

Moving fiat or cryptocurrency out of your wallet and to your bank account or other digital wallets is fast, easy and more cost effective than any other digital wallet on the market.

Cash in

Need to deposit money into your digital wallet(s) fast, at any time throughout the day? No problem, you do not need to work during banking hours anymore with a 24/7 online system.

Make Payment

Receiving invoices and paying bills can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don't slow down the growth of your business because banks don't share the same working hours that you do.

Why do so many DeFi industry companies depend on the DecWallet and Payment Platform?

The DecWallet and payment platform is the ultimate solution for a Fiat and Cryptocurrency transfer for industry professionals and their clients.



Lowest payment processing fees. Period!



No locked-in contracts. Ever!



Full transparency and tracking. Always!



Nearly instant money exchange.



Decentralized technology.



User and Merchant Accounts Available


Approve more transactions, faster and cheeper!

Experience more approvals on every single payment with local and global payment processing, data-driven optimizations, and powerful risk management. All within a fully connected single payments system.


Fiat and Cryptocurrencies Accepted

100+ fiat and cryptocurrencies can be used to conduct business, and that's just beginning. We aim to support more than 2,000 currency types in the near future.


Payment Types Accepted

With more than 100 currencies types that can be used to bill customers with, DecWallet makes it easier for you and your customer to transfer money.


Vendor Control Pannel

Are you a DeFi industry company? We built a vendor system for you to operate the way you need to, within the laws of your state, region and country.